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Sending A Review Request Via SMS

You can now send customers a review request via text message that reads “Thank you for offering to review “your business name” followed by the clickable link. This is a […]

The Easy Link Method of Getting Reviews and Referrals

The Easy Link method is an alternative way to acquire reviews and referrals using the Five Star Review System™ without having to get permission from your customers before sending them […]

How To Upload Your Testimonials To Facebook

Now that you have all of those wonderful testimonials, why not upload them to your Facebook page. Here’s how you do it.


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I Only Want Google Reviews

I’m going to show you five specific things you can do with the Five Star Review System to get ONLY Google reviews. But before I do, please allow me […]

Consequences Of Paying For Reviews

There seems to be a rash of orthodontists and attorneys who are putting their reputation at great risk by rewarding patients and clients to write reviews for them.  They […]