My Facebook Link Doesn’t Work On iPhones. How Do I Fix It?

My Facebook Link Doesn’t Work On iPhones. How Do I Fix It?

Even the biggest and most popular devices and applications sometimes have trouble working together. This time it happens to be Facebook and Apple. We’ve discovered that certain combinations of iPhones and the Facebook application don’t play well together and may break links taking users to your Facebook review page. Fortunately we have a fix!

Without a “Vanity URL” some customers using iPhones may see this screen when they click on your Facebook review page link.

In order to allow your customers to link directly to your Facebook review page and review you on all devices including Apple iPhones, you need a “vanity” URL.

Do you have a Facebook Vanity URL?

You can quickly determine if you have a vanity url by going to your facebook page and looking at the address bar. If you see numbers in the address bar (shown below), you DO NOT have a vanity URL and you’ll need to create one in order for Apple iPhone users to access your Facebook page and write a review for you.

The example below shows a vanity URL. Notice that there are no numbers after the company name and the vanity name is “SappingtonPainters.” This link will work on iPhones.

Do you have a Facebook Vanity URL?

In order to create your vanity URL, you’ll need to sign into your Business Facebook page and click on the “About” link.

Once there, scroll down until you see “General” settings. Below that you’ll find “Create Page @username”. Click on the “Create Page @username” link and a pop-up box will appear asking you to type in a vanity URL that represents your business.

The pop-up box will look like this.

We selected the name “SappingtonPainters” all one word capitalizing the S and P in the name so that it stands out without spaces between the words as required by Facebook. Do the same with your business name.

Enter the name you would like to use and if it’s available, a green check mark will appear next to it. Once you have a name entered, click on the “Create Username” button at the bottom right of the box.

Your Username should now look like this.

Now that you’ve created a vanity URL for your Facebook page, Apple iPhone users will be able to write a review for you on Facebook.

How do I get my new Facebook review link into my Best Local Reviews System?

  1. Copy your new Facebook Vanity URL.
    It should look like this:
    (Don’t copy anything after the word “reviews”)
  2. Go to and sign in.
  3. Go to System Settings > Review Website Settings where you’ll see your Facebook link.
  4. Click on Facebook to load the URL which you will see at the top of the page in the “Review Site URL” field. Remove the old URL and paste your new “Vanity” URL in its place.
  5. Make sure that the last word in the URL string is “reviews”. Then click “Save Review Site”.

The Easy Link Method of Getting Reviews and Referrals

The Easy Link Method of Getting Reviews and Referrals

The Easy Link Method is an alternative way to acquire reviews and referrals using the Five Star Review System™ without having to get permission from your customers before sending them a review request email.

We know that some businesses face circumstances that make it difficult to verbally ask every customer to write a review before sending them a review request. The Easy Link method allows you to take full advantage of most* of the Five Star Review System™ features by inserting a link in your own email.

An Excellent Choice for subscribers who:

Already send a follow-up email to their customers after a sale or service.

Have multiple field people or technicians who may not remember to ask for reviews.

Don’t have time to ask for reviews at checkout.

Want to place a link requesting reviews directly on their website or in their emails.

Are simply uncomfortable asking customers to review them. (We know you’re out there and we don’t want that to stop you from getting fabulous reviews from your customers.)

Own a business but do not work on-site and want to closely monitor customer satisfaction and employee performance.

How It Works

The system creates a customized, clickable link that you send from your email. When your customer clicks on the link it will take them directly into the Five Star Review System™ where they can rate their experience and proceed on to where they can write a review or a testimonial. This is a great alternative if you’re already sending a follow-up email to your customers after they make a purchase or use your service.

To access Easy Link, go to System Settings > Easy Link Settings and follow the directions to create your link. Then add that link along with text requesting that your customer write a review and send it from your email. It’s that simple.

When your customer responds to your review request, their response will appear on your dashboard just like it does when you send the review request though the Five Star Review System.

If you have any questions about the Easy Link Method or if you need help setting it up, please give us a call at 808-891-0449 and we’ll be happy to get you up and running.

Our subscribers who use this method have been very happy with it. You will be too.

*  The Easy Link cannot identify customers who did not respond to your review request; therefore it cannot send those customers a review reminder email or your digital coupon/flyer.