“Google and Trust” Review Strategy

by Nov 8, 2015Reviews

In order to get reviews on any website (including Google) you’ll need to do three things.

Provide Amazing Service

Provide review-worthy service. No one will write a 5-star review unless they feel you’re worthy of a 5-star review.

Verbally Ask For Review

Patients are three times more likely to write a review if the person who provided the service asks the patient to write a review, rather than an assistant or someone at the front desk. THREE TIMES MORE REVIEWS!

If you want reviews on Google, you must specifically ask your patient to write a review for you on Google.

Send Requests Immediately

Send the review request to the patient in the patient’s presence BEFORE they leave your office.

If you don’t do this, they may not respond to your request at all.

1.  Change the Default Review Request Text

Step 1:  After you ask someone to write a review for you on Google, you want to make sure that the text in your email guides them to Google. If you decide to use the “Google or Bust” or “Google and Trust” review strategy, you’ll need to change the initial review request default text. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

Go to System Settings > Review Request Settings . At the bottom of the page, click on “Customize Emails.”  Change the default text to this text. (You can copy and paste it if you choose to do so.)

Hi [customer_first_name],

Thank you for offering to write a review for us on Google. Google will provide easy-to-follow instructions as soon as you click on the Google review link. I’m looking forward to reading your comments. Thank you.

[review_link=Write Your Review Here]


2  How To Ask For A Google Review Script

May I ask you a favor please? Later today or tonight or when ever you get a chance, would you mind taking a few minutes to write a review for us on Google … because when you do it helps others who are looking for a dentist learn about our practice. Will you do that for me please?

Before you go I’d like to ask one of the ladies up front if they’ll send you an email with a link in it to where you can write your review. I’m really looking forward to reading your comments.

Then, you or someone on your behalf must walk the patient up to the front counter and direct the patient to the person who will be sending the review request.

Julie. Bob has offered to write a review for us, will you please send him a review request?

You can also send the review request yourself.

3  How To Send A Google Review Request Script

If you want the highest percentage of patients responding to your review request, here’s what you need to do.

You MUST send the review request to the patient, while they are with you and BEFORE they leave your office.

If you don’t do this they may not respond to your request.

If you send the request after they leave the office, they may not respond.

If you send the review request while they are in the office but they don’t see you send it, they may not respond.

If someone does not engage with the patient when you send the request, they may not respond.

The person who asked for the review (or their assistant) needs to hand the patient over to the person who will be entering the review request, so that both will know what to expect.

Once the patient has been handed over, they should be thanked for offering to write a review. This can be done as you click on “Request New Review”.

The process is very fast if you stay signed into your BestLocalReviews.com account. (Make sure you bookmark BestLocalReviews.com on your computer.)

1.  Type in the patient’s First and Last name.

2.  Ask the patient for their PRIMARY email address and repeat it back to them to make sure you typed it correctly. Always get their email address.

There are four reasons why you ALWAYS want to get the patient’s email address:


1/3 of your patients would rather write a review from a desktop computer. If you only send them a text, they cannot do that.


The system automatically sends the Off-the-Hook review reminder to patients who do not respond to your request. But ONLY if you get their email address. The system does not send reminders via text.


The system will ONLY send your coupon/flyer via email. The system does not send your coupon/flyer by text.


By sending the review request by email and text, you double the likelihood of your patient getting your review request immediately.

3.  After you get the patient’s email address, ask them if they would like for you to text the request to them as well. This is not an either/or question. You ALWAYS want to send the review request by email … and by text too if possible.

4.  Depending on which system you have, you may or may not have a choice of selecting the employee who served the patient. If you do, go to the drop down menu in the Linked To Employee section and select the appropriate employee.

5.  If you’re sending your patient a digital coupon or flyer with a request, to share with their family and friends, mention it to them before you send the review request.

This is a FANTASTIC opportunity to generate referrals from your happy patients. The coupon or flyer will only be sent to the patient if you get their email address.

Referral Request Script

Before I send the review request, may I also send you our digital flyer/coupon and ask you to share it with your family and friends who are looking for a dentist/doctor/chiropractor, etc.?

Google Review Request Script

Learn the most effective way to "Ask For A Google Review" in your industry without being pushy or needy.

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