Customer reviews have hit a new high with respect to SEO, ranking and conversion –especially on mobile. If you want your business to show up first and be seen as the most trusted service provider in your community, nothing is more effective than lots of genuine 5-star customer reviews on Google.


Until recently, people looking for a service provider on their Android phones saw the business closest to the location of their search. That’s no longer the case.

Today, Google wants you to see what they’re calling the Smarter Choice and not necessarily the Closest Choice. This is a bonanza for the businesses with the most and best Google reviews.

When you do a search today on your phone using Google Maps, Google is going to show what they consider to be the Smarter Choice, which is a combination of location plus the business with highest-rated customer reviews.

If you have a higher review rating on Google than your competitors, even if those competitors are closer to the searcher than you are, your business is more likely to show up not only as the first choice, but the only choice.

That’s what Google is calling the Smarter Choice and that’s why 5-star customer reviews are more important on Google today than ever before.

Action Step:

Ask every customer to write a review and send them a review request immediately.