How To Verbally Ask Your Patient For A Google Review… And Why It Matters

The Superhero Strategy For Getting Google Reviews ™ has raised the standard for acquiring reviews for your practice by putting the needs of your patients first.

The “set-it and forget-it” review automation mentality is thankfully losing its grip on dental and medical professionals who are waking up to the fact that sending unsolicited review requests is not only inconsiderate, but it hurts their ability to attract new patients.

Hi, I’m Bob Sommers. Over the last 10 years I’ve coached thousands of dental and medical practices on the most effective way to ask for and get well-written, 5-star Google reviews without coming across as pushy or needy. By following our patient-first strategy you’ll easily generate a consistent flow of keyword-rich Google reviews while attracting new patients.

If you’re interested in learning how the Superhero Strategy for Getting Google Reviews™ along with the Five Star Review System can help your practice attract new patients, click on the link below and schedule a free 15-minute strategy session with us. Take what you learn and run with it. If you decide you want more help, we’d love to work with you and your staff. Either way, you’ll walk away from our session with great ideas that you can use immediately to build your practice.