Imagine implementing one very simple technique that will double the number of reviews you receive from your customers. That’s right.  It will DOUBLE the number of reviews you receive. How do I know this? Because after looking at the review reports of every customer using the Five Star Review System, we discovered that the people who implement this technique are getting between 100% and 150% more reviews. The numbers don’t lie.


And Here’s The Best Part

  • They’re not rewarding their customers for writing reviews
  • They’re not being tricky, pushy or manipulative
  • They’re not spending one second more requesting a review
  • They’re not asking their customers to post their reviews in multiple places
  • Their customers genuinely want to write a review for them

So, what’s this magical review-getting technique? It’s nothing more than sending a follow-up email reminder to customers who have not responded to your initial request.

We never imagined when we crafted the follow-up email reminder that it would produce a 100% increase in the number of customer reviews. A 20% increase would have been a bonus, but a whopping 100% increase turned out to be a bonanza.

As you can imagine, this is not a typical email reminder. It’s like nothing like you’ve ever seen before. It’s a simple two sentence email written completely from the recipient’s perspective. We call it our “off-the-hook” review reminder and the results are nothing short of miraculous.

Here’s How It Works

FollowupEmailWhen you set up your system, go to System Settings > Review Request Settings and determine when you want your review request reminder to be sent. Most people select three days. After three days, the system detects whether your customer responded to your request. If they did not, the “off-the-hook” review reminder email is automatically sent and the results are a whopping 100% increase in the number of reviews. Sweet!

Imagine if you wanted to send a follow-up email reminder to your customers without using the Five Star Review System. How would you detect if a review was written before sending a reminder? How would you know if a customer had written a review that was being held in a review site’s filtering system where it couldn’t be seen it yet?

You would have to personally check all of the review sites every few days to look for reviews from your customers. If you didn’t see their reviews, you’d need to decide whether they had not written them or determine if the review sites were simply not showing them yet. At that point, you could carefully write a non-pushy reminder and send it to your customer.

Most business owners don’t send a reminder for just those reasons and in the process they’re only getting half of the reviews they could have. That’s unfortunate and very inefficient.

Back To The Reminder Email

When we wrote the reminder email, the goal was to get your customers to respond to your request without any possibility that they would feel guilty for not having responded or feel that you were being pushy or demanding. Finding just the right balance meant activating every copy-writing, psychology-loaded brain cell we had. The results have been exceptional.

Not only that, but a huge percentage of customers who responded to the reminder apologized for not writing their review sooner. Can you imagine?

Want To See The Email Reminder?

Would you like to see the email that’s getting 100% additional reviews? You can. Just set-up a demo for your business, send yourself a review request, wait a few days to get the reminder and bingo! It will magically appear in your email box word-for-wonderful-word.

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