REFERRALS – Digital Coupons and Flyers

Digital coupons and flyers are all the rage with local business owners because they’re inexpensive, easy to share and generate lots of highly qualified referrals.

As soon as your customer responds to your review request, you have the option to immediately send them a coupon or a flyer along with a request that they share it with their family and friends. Your customer can easily post it on all of the social networking sites from either their mobile phone or desktop computer. When used properly, this one feature will instantly increase your word of mouth marketing by a factor of 100 times or more.


Get Your Color On!

Brand your mobile-friendly coupons and flyers with your company colors.



Social Proof

One of the most unique and persuasive aspects of the Five Star Review System’s™ digital coupons and flyers is that they include a message that reads,

“Thank you (Customer Name) for giving (Your Business Name) a Five-Star rating.”

It’s a great way to say “Thank You” to your customer and nothing creates a higher level of confidence than a personal recommendation from a friend.



Lead Generating Feature for Salespeople

Salespeople love, love, love the Five Star Review System™ because it provides them an opportunity to generate referrals through the use of the digital coupon and flyer.

If you have a salesperson working for you, the system allows you to easily add his or her name, photo and contact information with a personalized message. If you’re the only salesperson, you can add your name and photo to the coupon. The system generates referrals from your happy customers even when you forget to ask.


Don’t Forget Email


Not only does the system direct your customers to your coupon/flyer page after they submit their testimonial, but it also immediately sends them a link to your coupon/flyer with a message asking them to share it with their friends. This gives your customers easy access to your offer when they’re ready to use it and share it with their friends.