REVIEWS – Fast And Easy Review Request

The Five Star Review System™ is fast – really fast! All you have to do is ask your customer if they’ll review your business, type their name, email address or mobile phone number into the system and hit the “Submit” button. Everything from that point on is automated. It couldn’t be any easier.


5-Star Reviews and Testimonials

When you ask a customer to review your business, the first thing they’ll do is rate their experience from 1 to 5 stars. This will allow you to track employee performance and take advantage of the systems reporting functions. Then, regardless of their star rating, all customers are sent to a page with links to the review websites of your choice or a link where they can send a testimonial directly to you.

  • Reviews are written on review sites
  • Testimonials are shared on social sites

5-Star Reviews Distributed To Review Sites Across The Web

Review sites change their policies, lose reviews and go out of business. That’s why providing your customer with only one choice is dangerous.

The Five Star Review System™ allows your customers to select from multiple review sites. This protects your business from the devastation of any single site failure and it will help your business gain prominence on all of the review sites you select.

Testimonials That Sell

A “Testimonial” is a review that is written directly to you. This option is made available to customers who aren’t going to set-up an account on a search engine or review website in order to leave their review. Testimonials can be copied and shared on social sites and your own website, unlike the reviews posted on review websites that cannot be shared. You can even use our widget and have your 5-star testimonials automatically show up on your website the instant a customer writes it.

Good testimonials make the reader feel warm and fuzzy about your company, while GREAT testimonials instill confidence that your company is the recognized expert in your field.

The best testimonials are specific and answer one or more of the concerns every buyer has before making a buying decision. The Five Star Review System™ helps your customers write testimonials that answer those concerns. It does this in two very subtle ways.

• First, it gives your customer a hint as to what to write about by showing a list (that you create) of the top 3 concerns prospects have about companies in your industry.


• Then it shows examples of your best reviews (selected by you) written by your happy customers.

Your customers will write better, more persuasive testimonials and they’ll appreciate the guidance.

Personal Correspondence


Using third party companies to contact customers on your behalf may look lazy and impersonal. That’s why we designed the Five Star Review System™ to insure that all communication with your customers comes from you.

Customers are much more likely to write a review and refer you to their friends if the request comes from you. If you want them to feel appreciated for making the extra effort to help you succeed, a sincere and personal response must come from you. The system is designed to make sure that happens.

Instant Email Notification


The instant a customer responds to your request, you’ll receive an email showing how and where they rated and reviewed your business. You can even have the same email sent to the sales/service person who served them. It’s a great way to give your staff immediate feedback on the quality of their service and it gives you a heads-up on the best way to respond.

Are You Qualified To Use The System?

You can use the system if …

  • You already have a good reputation on the Internet. This is not a review repair service.
  • You’ve never paid for reviews or broken the terms of service of any of the review websites.
  • You get verbal agreement from your customers to send them a review request.
  • You use the feedback your customers provide to improve the quality of your service.

The Five Star Review System™ cannot and will not stop unhappy customers from reviewing your business on any review site. We cannot and will not manipulate a customer review either before or after it’s posted on a review website. The only people who can remove or change reviews from a review website are the review sites and the customers who wrote them.