You can now send customers a review request via text message that reads “Thank you for offering to review “your business name” followed by the clickable link. This is a fantastic and robust solution to get your review requests into the hands of customers who ONLY communicate via their mobile phones.

If you plan to use this feature, please take a few minutes to read this post and share it with your staff. It will show you when to send your review request by text, email or both.


Request Sent

SpeedyRunnerWhen you send a review request via text or email, they are both sent and delivered within seconds. Some people are more likely to respond to a text message, while others are more likely to respond to email.

Open Rates

You will have a slightly higher open rate when you send your review request by SMS. This statistic, however, is misleading. Just because someone is more likely to open your review request via text does not mean that they’re more likely to make the extra effort necessary to write a review from their mobile phone.

Reviews Written

FiveStar_Blog_New_SMS_Text_DesktopIn the end, it’s the number of reviews that are written, not the open rate that matters most. Because it’s generally easier for people to write a review from their desktop computer, you’ll want to make sure they have that option whenever possible.

If you send your review request by SMS, you’re forcing your customers to write a review from their phone. If you send them a review request by email, you’re giving them the option to write their review from their phone or from their desktop computer. Email is generally a better option when it comes to making it easier for customers to write a review. So, if you’re going to text your review request, try to send an email too.

Review Reminder Sent

FiveStar_Blog_New_SMS_ReminderIf you’ve used the system for any length of time, you know that a huge percentage of your reviews were written only after your customer received your off-the-hook review reminder email. The reminder is sent to customers if they do not respond to your initial review request. Our statistics show that this feature alone is responsible for DOUBLING the number of reviews you’ll get … and it is ONLY available when you send your review request by email.

Due to the perceived urgency and personal nature of text messaging, the system does not send a second text reminding your customer to write a review. This is what we call the One-And-Done method. Some of your customers may not mind receiving an unsolicited text message three days later reminding them to write a review but many of them will find it pushy and intrusive.

If you send your customer a review request via text message and you want to double the chances of them responding, send them an email too.


FiveStar_Blog_New_SMS_CouponScissorsWhen you send customers review requests by email, everyone (whether they write a review, testimonial or feedback and even those who don’t respond at all) will receive your coupon/flyer with a request to share it with their family and friends. If you send your review request by text, only those who provide feedback or write a testimonial will receive your coupon/flyer. Customers who write a review will not receive a coupon or flyer.When you send an email along with your text review request, everyone will receive your coupon/flyer.

Ease of Writing a Google Review

Google makes it darn near impossible to write a Google review from a mobile phone. Fortunately, the Five Star Review System does a fantastic job of guiding your mobile customers to your review page on Google Maps where they can write a review whether you send them your request via text or email. However, it’s much easier to write a review on Google from a desktop computer than it is from a mobile phone. It’s also easier for people using an Android phone to write a review on Google than it is for people using an iPhone. Consider both of these factors when you send your review request by text only.

Recommended Use

Sending a review request by SMS is a wonderful alternative when the person who has offered to write a review does not have an email address or asks that you send the request via text. Texting may be the only way to get your request into their hands.

Because email is a better choice in virtually every other circumstance, try to send your review request by email or text and email. This will get you the most reviews and most referrals.